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"In the midst of grief and adversity, I had no idea a message would emerge that would change the lives of others everywhere."

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“Randy's core message strikes at the heart of us all. Everyone faces adversity. Some often seemingly insignificant, while some nearly insurmountable. Randy's message is clear, concise, and consistent with all challenges. The transparency he delivers of his own battles was almost therapeutic, and without the high cost associated with a per-hour shrink!”

Mark BeardmoreCarroll Rotary Club

“Randy captures the attention of his audience with his down-to-earth style, humor, and confident approach. His willingness to show vulnerability and speak about personal experiences that are often left out of the conversation on this important topic is commendable. He is an engaging speaker and challenges his audience to reflect on their own thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.”

Amy Popillian, Ph.D.Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Iowa State University

“Randy is the best I’ve ever seen in terms of drawing the audience into his message. They become part of his story as he passionately describes the tremendous highs and lows of his personal and professionals life. His message is engaging, motivational, thought provoking, and behavior changing. Randy is making a positive difference in the lives of many people and his message will talked about for years to come.”

Howard Gauthier, Ph.D.CEO, The Positive Leader

“The men of our church were encouraged and challenged by Randy Brown’s message. His personal testimony and heartfelt admonition helped us all to become more transparent and vigilant in our battle for sexual purity. The subject is not easy to address, but the respected coach did so in a way that was honest and direct, compassionate, courageous, and Christ-centered.”

Doug CorlewSenior Pastor - Summit Evangelical Free Church, Alta, Iowa



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Randy Brown Delivers


A keynote speaker ties various messages and themes into one coherent concept that will end with the audience being moved. An exceptional keynote speaker can even change the way a person thinks about a particular topic and takes valuable tools away from the speech. Expect a transparent, to the point, and humorous experience that will challenge you and your life.


An effective way to add focus and value to a conference, and to re-energize attendees, is through the use of breakout sessions. I enjoy it because of its smaller, more intimate setting that attendees find valuable. Asking questions and engaging in discussion with both the speaker and fellow participants becomes much easier.


Having spent 20 years as a college men’s basketball coach around the country, I can vouch for the electric energy on college campuses. Interactive in nature, students ask pointed questions seeking useful answers. Campus diversity is also a valuable aspect of sharing messages you are most passionate about.

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Randy Brown pulls no punches in this transparent and revealing attempt to take on adversity and ultimately WIN!

His motto of "built to take on and defeat adversity" is the cornerstone of his philosophy and character. If you or anyone in your life is facing significant road-blocks or on-going challenges, Rebound Forward is the book to buy.

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