Rebound Forward


Randy Brown pulls no punches in this transparent and revealing attempt to take on adversity and ultimately WIN!

Rebound Forward is a hard-hitting tale of adversity and how it can enhance or destroy your life. Let it help you to learn your Adversity DNA, develop a proactive mindset, and prepare to manage adversity before its arrival.

His motto of “built to take on and defeat adversity” is the cornerstone of his philosophy and character. If you or anyone in your life is facing significant road-blocks or on-going challenges, Rebound Forward is the book to buy.


18 reviews for Rebound Forward

  1. Rick Nielsen

    This book is your labor of love, especially as you poured out your struggles, setbacks, disappointments, and challenges. I admire your courage, and desire to help others through what you’ve learned in your mistakes. May God bless you and the book on your continued journey through life. Thanks friend, Rick Nielsen, Blueprint for Life, LLC

  2. Jim Rodenborn

    Brownie, Well done! An excellent collection😊 Regards, Rody

    Jim Rodenborn

  3. Frank Lessiter


    I read your book over the weekend.

    Nice job!

    You’ve done a remarkable job of overcoming a number of things, and a belief in God really helps.

    Hope things are going well for you.

    Frank Lessiter


    Lessiter Media, Inc.

    P.O. Box 624

  4. Ray

    Love it! Also finished your book. It was very moving, you did a great job! Ray

  5. Tom Miklo


    Just wanted to say I bought two copies of your book, one for me and one for Tyler. Got it Tuesday and read it in one sitting. I compliment you on what had to be a very difficult project. To your credit, you bared your soul and

    pulled no punches and absolutely took responsibility for the mistakes you made. Your story gave me hope for society; to know that even good people make mistakes and can have the courage to right themselves and carry on. I know some will always view you with a stigma, but I will certainly not. The only forgiveness you need you have found, from your God and yourself. Take care my friend and I wish you nothing but the best in days to come.

  6. Jack Burns

    Lori read your book on the airplane today. She’s not quite done she said it is absolutely incredible and I’m not just saying that. This is the point in Randy Browns life where the worm turns

    Jack Burns

  7. Luke Lamb

    Really excited to dive in to this book. Written by a truly remarkable man, who helped me a lot both on and off the court. Thanks for your guidance over the years Randy Brown!!

    Luke Lamb

  8. Reader

    Randy, so thankful you had the courage to share your thoughts concerning you’re your life’s journey to this point. Your verbal walk through the successes and hard times you have faced and your climb out of the dark and back into the light will inspire many others to do the same. You have provided powerful advice for all to follow as our life’s journey moves forward.

  9. Elizabeth and Rich Harrington

    Tremendous story. I am often asked in my office why am I not happy? God did not call us to be happy he called us to bring him glory. Thank you for a resource that brings Jesus Christ Glory. Elizabeth and Rich Harrington

  10. Reader


    Again, I appreciate you writing your book. These past few weeks, it’s put some struggles into perspective. Tracy’s dad is battling cancer & is down to his last few days. I totaled our Camry last Thursday on HWY 69 on my way back from Jewell to Ames. Thankful no one was injured, but we are dealing w/ the financial mess it’s created. I continue to struggle teaching at SH, coaching at AHS, & missing out on my kids activities…..but am working on taking a new perspective

    due to your book. I’m trying to “manage” one obstacle at a time & I continue daily to say the Prayer of St. Francis.

  11. Casey McClain

    This man has become one of my closest and dearest friends. His genuine care, concern and overall amazingness has helped me through my darkest times. If it were not for Mr. Randy Brown, I’m quite sure I would not have found the confidence and courage to get through them. I applaud him for publishing his very difficult story and urge anyone who is looking for, or needing inspiration through tough times, to get a copy and become friends with Mr. Brown. His words will make a difference!! Thank you, Randy Brown! Your friendship is a true blessing!

    Casey McClain

  12. R.W. Buel

    Self admit, I don’t read as much as I should. But, I am excited to get through this new memoir by Randy Brown. He fatefully hired me as a student manager for the Iowa State Men’s Basketball team back in 2000. He taught me a ton, helped me get a Big XII Championship ring during the 3+ years, and never micro-managed – gave the freedom I needed to grow as a professional. Most importantly, he is an example that life is NOT easy. Lessons are to be learned along the way and NO ONE is perfect. Anxious to learn more about his tribulations and personal conflicts that led him off course…happy to share my copy with anyone interested in the read! #ReboundForward #StayintheGame

    R.W. Buel

  13. Michelle Hill

    You are on your way to changing a WHOLE BUNCH of lives!!!! I know it won’t bring Natalie and Meredith back but it will solidify their legacies in a powerful way. I’m sure they are looking down, and very proud of their dad!!!!

    Michelle Hill

  14. Jim

    Coach. Just got done reading your book for the second time in 24 hours. All I can say is WOW! I read a lot of books but I just couldn’t lay your down. I found it riveting!! I saw so much of me in the book. Every young coach should read this book. Love you man and I am glad to call you a friend!!! Thanks for sharing. Jim

    I am going to give it to a coaching friend of mine who just went through an affair. He and his wife are trying to work things out and get back together. He needs to read this book!!! If you ever speak close by let me know as I

    want to attend if I can. Thanks again for writing this book. Jim

  15. Kiley

    So this past Monday we had a keynote speaker at the Rotary club. I read the speakers bio about being a college basketball coach and was excited to hear him speak. I went early and ended up meeting him. I had asked him how it was coaching under Lute Olson at Arizona. He had shared his experience, and then I had told him I grew up in Arizona. His response, was like, oh yeah you did… Then I mentioned my brother coaches college on the West Coast… He had then asked me, who’s your brother? I had told him, and he couldn’t believe it. He was in disbelief. He had told me he grew up with my stepdad playing elementary, junior high, high school, and college basketball with my stepdad. Anyways, he was at Rotary to share his testimony and experience about his life struggles and accomplishments. Long story short, it was very powerful and he had shared the below story about Buster Douglas and resiliency in life. It was awesome. Here is the book he has written.

    Randy, Thanks for sharing yourself in your book. It was a great read. Kiley

  16. Shelby

    Hey Randy,

    I just sent you a connection on Linkedin, but after I saw your email on your site. I just wanted to drop a quick email as I saw your video on your Linkedin profile and loved your tone and message. I just purchased your book as your video inspired me to hear your story/message.

    From one coach to another, I can complete understand and respect the journey.

    Looking forward to your book!


  17. Don Kruse


    I received the book last night. Thank you.

    Randy’s father and were very good friends. We spent many many hours in a boat together as well as many trips to Iowa City to see the Hawks play. Randy and I have emailed each other to catch up. Thank you for what you have done with this book. Read about 1/2 last night.

    Don Kruse

  18. Daniel Good


    I got my copy of rebound forward today and figured that after a tough day of therapy and classes I’d read a chapter or two. But I legitimately could not put it down. Your book was challenging to me as I look at how I’ve handled adversity in my life, whether it’s developing PTSD or my car accident or so many others. It really convicted me to re-evaluate how I approach the Lord in this time. So, thank you so much for writing up your story, l really appreciated it and your vulnerability in it. Thank you so much!

    Daniel Good

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